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May 13, 2020

COVID-19 / Corona Virus Online Education Relief and Information

STAY HOME, PLEASE!  To help the learning continue at home during this time, we are offering free online courses until April 8th for those being affected by the global Corona Virus Pandemic.  If you’d like to learn with a physical robot we are still sending our kits out at this time.  We also made a …

COVID-19 / Corona Virus Online Education Relief and Information Read More »

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March 18, 2020

Podcast about running a TechyKids Summer Camp!

Do you want to run your own technology or robotics camps for kids? Listen to this awesome Podcast where TechyKids Camp Educators were interviewed on their experience of running a TechyKids summer camp! More information about TechyKids Camp out of the Box and application can be found here: This episode features an interview with Michaela …

Podcast about running a TechyKids Summer Camp! Read More »

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August 13, 2019

Hammerhead Hazzard

The project is like a bulldozer, I named it hammerhead because the shield looks like a hammerhead shark.


August 9, 2019

Fluffy Puppy

The Fluffy Puppy, also known as Pup Cup  is for teenagers who need help with chores, like cleaning the dog’s poop while on a walk.


August 2, 2019

Helper bot

Our project can help people with broken body parts. And if they want to give mail to somebody they can put it in the mail slot. Our robot can bring anything to the user in the basket.



This is a robot for people who do not want to clean floors. 


Project Bloom

This product is meant for really anyone  who likes gardening but needs a little help.  


Sprinkles the Kitty Corn

This is Sprinkles! She is a sweet and playful Kitty Corn who likes doing tricks!!!


July 31, 2019

Snowflake the Dog

Snowflake is a dog


July 30, 2019

coco the dog

Coco the dog is gentle ,smart , and soft!!!!!!!!!!


Crystal the Phoenix

Crystal is a kind and Sweet fire phoenix!


Harry the Hippogriff

Harry the Hippogriff is a playful baby hippogriff who will respond when you place certain things in front of him and will move away when hearing loud sounds.


July 29, 2019

Disco Bot

‘Tis the biggest dance of the year and we’re here to crown the new king of dance! What’s this, it seems a robot wants to challenge last year’s king, but it’s no ordinary robot. It’s Disco Bot! This robot’s smooth moves can impress even the toughest of crowds!


July 19, 2019

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