Summer Camp Out-of-the-Box Educator Page

1) TechyKids Intro Class

This course is the TechyKids introductory class for all and is recommended for all students in classrooms and teachers to take.  It will install the needed classroom culture, emphasizing respect for one another, collaboration, creativity, and embracing failure and innovation.

2) TechyKids Project 1: Interactive Animal Project with VPL

Create your own interactive animal robot project while learning all about robotics, and the Thymio robot.  Learn about sensors and robotics, visual programming, building off of the Thymio robot with LEGO, and even create your own movie starring your new robot animal!

4) Scratch for Thymio

The Thymio Robot can be programmed with the popular block based programming language Scratch!  This course will teach you how to get started programming Thymio with Scratch and some Scratch basics.

3) TechyKids Project 2: Thymio Invention and Coding Project

Create your own invention while learning about coding the Thymio robot.  Learn about invention and even create your own movie showing off your new innovation!  It builds upon the knowledge of the beginner course.  You’ll love the creativity and technical skills needed to create an awesome Thymio robotic invention!

4) Learning Extensions

3D Modeling with Tinkercad

Use Tinkercad to create 3D Models on the computer!  If you have a 3D printer you can design your creations with Tinkercad.

Thymio Simulator Course (4th+)

A simulator is a virtual device that you can use when you don’t have a physcal robot.  Instead of using a real Thymio Robot this course teaches how to set up the Thymio simulator and interact with it.

Optional: Other Potential Material to Integrate

Materials: Makey Makey & Aluminum foil needed

Makey Makey Course (4th+)


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